Why is it so hard to sell a small business?

Mar 13, 2022 3:46:26 PM | small business M & A Why is it so hard to sell a small business?

Selling or buying a business can be complex, confusing and worse - slow.

Selling a small business, especially those with under £1m in turnover can be complex, confusing, and worse, slow.

But why is this? 

Owners don't know where to start

Most owners will only sell a business once in their life and therefore don't know where to start or who to ask about selling.


Owners are unsure how much their company is worth
Getting an estimate of the company's value is a very important first step in selling a business but it's also important its fair price not an unrealistic valuation, i.e. more than anyone will pay.


Owners don’t know any specialist M&A Lawyers
In order to successfully complete a sale, its very important to have the correct legal documents and advice but good M&A Lawyers are hard to find and usually expensive!


Owners spend to much time going back and forth with buyers on the little details
Getting the details done correctly is important but it's equally important to stay focused on the key issues to reduce deal fatigue as well as get 

Express Exit™ Your Business. 


We help you make the right decisions at the right time.

For a low fee (under £20K) paid upon successful sale, we deliver the entire process:
  1. Our company valuation report provides a fair price range as a starting point
  2. Our online marketplace then enables efficient price discovery
  3. Our platform automates creation of the company sales documents
  4. Then securely shares sensitive information
  5. And facilitates meetings between sellers & buyers
  6. And finalises legal documents to complete the sale
Next Steps... 
We recommend a confidential, no obligation virtual meeting with one of our M&A directors, where we discuss your objectives, demo our online marketplace and gain an insight into your business goals.
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